The foundations of Designer Wardrobe were created in late 2012 by Founder Donielle Brooke. She had an eye for designer clothes, but often couldn't afford the price tag on them! As a result, Donielle found herself constantly trawling the internet looking for second-hand designer clothes, and over time built a sizable collection of pieces by her favourite brands.

It was at 25 years old that Donielle's life changed forever; she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Being unable to work, she had to think fast about how to pay her bills. The only thing she owned that had any value was her beloved clothing, and so what felt like seconds later Donielle jumped onto her laptop and created a Facebook Group for women to buy, sell & rent second-hand clothes.

Within weeks there were 1000's of members trading their pre-loved items, and shortly after reaching 14,000 members Donielle asked long-time friend Aidan Bartlett (CEO) to join her on the journey. The next step was to scrape together all their savings and put together a website. Would people use Designer Wardrobe as a standalone website? The result was, absolutely (our website crashed on launch)!

Fast-track to today, Designer Wardrobe is growing faster than ever. The team is growing with the addition of Jarrad & Donna - who have all been pivotal in getting us to where we are today, and truly believe in our vision of being the premier marketplace for buying, selling and renting designer fashion.

With an iPhone App and evolving website, we strive to constantly improve and make our members experience even better. We hope you love DW as much as we did creating it!

-Donielle & the DW Team