Recycling and Sustainability

So far this year we have had millions of dollars of successful transactions on DW that has resulted in over 17.5 tonnes of quality clothing being given new life. These pieces would have otherwise sat dormant a closet while the buyer most likely would have ended up purchasing a “fast fashion”, low quality counterpart. Instead, we make quality designer clothing accessible - offering a sustainable way to stay on trend.

At DW, we believe that “fast fashion” is wasteful, and a focus on quality imperative to reducing the environmental footprint of fashion. According to - if you could extend the average life of a piece of clothing by just three months of active use - per item that would lead to a 5 percent to 10 percent reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprint.

If we could continue our current growth over the next 3 years - that would be 80 tonnes of quality clothing given an “extension of life” every year. If we did the same thing in Australia - that would 400-480 tonnes!