Being a DW Safe Seller is a great way to build trust among all our members and promote a safe & secure community so we can all have a great time buying, selling & renting our designer clothing!

There are 3 simple steps to have a fun & safe time buying & selling on Designer Wardrobe:

  1. Register to become a DW Safe Seller. This takes 30 seconds and is a verification of your mobile phone number.

  2. We will send a unique code to your mobile number.

  3. Enter the verification on the same page.

  4. You are now phone verified - thanks!

  5. Only send or receive items through a tracked postal service. We will be unable to help you with a dispute if an item is lost in the mail.
  6. Only send & accept payments to your NZ Bank account (only deal in cash if it is a face-to-face pickup!).