Getting Started

Why Designer Wardrobe?

Designer Wardrobe is a place to Sell, Buy and Swap high-end second-hand designer clothing.

Designer Wardrobe orginally started as a page on Facebook and after a year it had 20,000+ members. We then decided Designer Wardrobe needed to be run from a safer, more organised place that like-minded people can use, which was was born.

How do I register?

Please click the Register button at the top-right of this page. It is very simple and easy to fill in! You just need to enter the usual details, including selecting a username and telling us a bit about yourself and agree to the Terms and Conditions. After that, you're done :)

How much does it cost?

Designer Wardrobe is completely free to browse, buy, sell & swap.


How do I purchase of Designer Wardrobe?

There are 2 easy ways to purchase off Designer Wardrobe:

  1. Buy Now - After browsing or searching for the listing you're after, select 'Buy Now' to purchase the listing at the advertised price. The listing will close immediately and contact details will be sent to both Buyer & Seller.

    Note: You are contractually obliged to purchase the product at the specified price.
  2. Make an Offer - A great feature of Designer Wardrobe is the ability to make an offer. This can be used in the instance when you've found an item you want to purchase, but don't quite agree on the specified price. When in a listing, click the 'Make an Offer' button and enter a reasonable purchase price. This offer is then sent to the seller, who can choose to either accept or reject your offer. The listing will only close when an offer has been accepted, and buyers are not aware of other users offers.

    Note: If your offer is accepted, you are contractually obliged to purchase the product at the specified price. 

How to List something to Sell / Want

How do I sell on Designer Wardrobe?

Selling on Designer Wardrobe is easy. Just click the 'SELL/WANTED' button and enter all relevant information. In order to sell a product you will need accurate descriptions, a picture and a suitable price for the product.

What about for something I want?

A 'Wanted' lsting is for when you are looking for a particular item you can't find on Designer Wardrobe. Potentially another member may have the item you're after but hasn't listed it. In order to do this, you will list the item in much the same way as if you are listing an item for sale. You must, however, select 'This is a WANTED listing' instead of leaving it blank.

We want to make Designer Wardrobe the most simple place for you to Buy & Sell designer clothing. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the feedback form to contact us :)