Designer Wardrobe is an online marketplace for like-minded women to buy & sell designer items with each other. It was originally a Facebook group created by Donielle Brooke for her & friends. Our goal is for you to have an inspiring/fun/quick & easy experience buying & selling your favourite designer items.

The Website is created for women who love to buy good quality clothing & see the value and beauty that each item has. We are a community.

We needed a place where we view countless amazing things in our free time and find that perfect outfit for the weekend without spending lots of money (and time) in the process.

We shop smart because we buy good quality clothes, and now we can be even smarter with how we do it. We can rent out that dress that we have worn once but can't part with & we can sell a bunch of old but amazing clothes and then buy new season items.

We need a website that is inspiring and offers more than a Facebook page. The Designer Wardrobe website is now here and our goal is to keep growing this into that perfect place for our perfect clothing.

 You can sell more than 10 items at once, we have really accurate filtering capabilities, real time notifications (with sounds!) & real time chat  (coming soon).

You can also send images in a private message (coming soon) & have a social experience - even safer with our brand new security features.

Please join us to help New Zealand recycle pre-loved clothing.

Thank you for being a part of Designer Wardrobe's journey. We appreciate every one of you. Keep spreading the word and bring your friends and family into our community. The more people and listings - the better shopping experience we will have!


Donielle, Aidan & Jarrad.